“Focus 5” - Raise Your Clinical Trial’s Patient Centricity Profile

“Focus 5” - Raise Your Clinical Trial’s Patient Centricity Profile

By BBK Worldwide on Wed, Mar 11, 2015

patient centricity to enhance patient recruitment and engagement within clinical trialsBBK Worldwide is pleased to offer our first “Focus 5”, a compilation of quick tips, advice and insights to help companies understand patient centricity as it relates to enhanced patient recruitment and patient engagement within clinical trials.

Patient centricity is a philosophical commitment to understand what matters to patients as a group – such as those with a specific condition – as well as being attentive to each patient’s experience with his or her disease and within a clinical trial. Companies that adopt a patient-centric approach have an immediate competitive advantage within the marketplace.

Patient-centric programs value the patients’ viewpoints on what is being studied, what outcomes matter most in terms of daily living, or to what extent a patient would go to improve or expand treatment options.

Focus 5 contains five short articles that target strategy & planning, patient advocacy, branding & advertising, prescreening patients and mHealth. Each one offers a unique look at how to apply the construct of patient centricity to engagement at-large.

We hope you enjoy the content and that it inspires you to explore new tactics that enhance engagement. The sooner you start, the sooner you will raise your company’s profile in a positive way.

For additional resources on patient centricity download our free eBook: “Are You Patient-Centric?”

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