Featured Contributor on shop.BBKWorldwide - November

Featured Contributor on shop.BBKWorldwide - November

By Laura Mulhall on Thu, Nov 1, 2012 | 2 min read

CROee-resized-600.jpgCROèe is the leading patient recruitment-focused CRO in the Japanese marketplace. Providing direct-to-patient media outreach solutions and boasting an active patient database with over 400,000 members, CROèe's dedicated team of specialists supports Japanese clinical studies with robust recruitment initiatives.

Working together with BBK, CROèe brings their local expertise to the fore in ensuring not only that our recruitment programs are most effectively implemented within Japan, but also that all recruitment tactics and messaging strategies are appropriately adapted to resonate with their Japanese audiences.

CROèe provides expert recruitment consultation and site support services on a local level, and with an in-house call center, they are also able to assist investigative sites with everything from referral follow-up to appointment scheduling and visit reminders.

Long held apart from global programs, the Japanese clinical development process evolved in a unique way, creating a path to clinical trial completion with a distinctive set of hurdles, but some exceptional opportunities as well. Working together, BBK and CROèe provide three decades of global, industry-leading experience combined with the local expertise to navigate the complex clinical study environment in Japan.

Here’s a list of products that we offer you from CROèe:

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