Re-investing in Patient Centricity: A Note from Founding Principal Bonnie A. Brescia

Re-investing in Patient Centricity: A Note from Founding Principal Bonnie A. Brescia

By Bonnie A. Brescia on Fri, Sep 19, 2014 | 2 min read

describe the imageWhat would you do if you had access to $3 million dollars to invest in improving the clinical research field? This might be a relatively small budget by some standards, but significant enough to make a difference and BBK has some very specific plans to do just that as we continue to deliver on our value proposition, BBK Worldwide: The Patients To Find the Cure

This week, we were happy to announce that we have raised $3 million in new growth capital. This investment will allow us to accelerate development of more breakthrough technologies and sophisticated recruitment and engagement strategies that BBK Worldwide is known for. We will use this capital to expand BBK’s clinical technology suite that is based on the patient recruitment and retention management platform, TrialCentralNetSM. We will launch several new mobile apps to complement My Clinical Study BuddySM and Protocol PalSM, our patient and site engagement apps. We will grow the team of individuals and partner organizations that empower BBK to provide the strongest global patient recruitment and retention programs in the industry.

Boston was abuzz with clinical research conferences this month – patient centered, disruptive innovation, and performance optimization. “Patient Centricity” nudged “Big Data” to the side for a while and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the range of ways that our industry is working to redefine itself around patient needs, wants, insights, abilities, and knowledge. Our commitment to ensure that the patient voice has a seat at the table of clinical research is unwavering. Whether industry sponsor, CRO or tech provider, if you’re looking for a partner to infuse your organization with a patient-centered approach, give us a call.

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