Challenge Your Clinical Research Team: Patient Recruitment Mind Benders

Challenge Your Clinical Research Team: Patient Recruitment Mind Benders

By BBK Worldwide on Fri, Apr 25, 2014 | 4 min read

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In this post, we are sharing a few of our favorite cards from the
BBK Worldwide Patient Recruitment Prep Deck. These exercises provide a wide range of engaging mind benders to help professionals involved in any aspect of the patient recruitment process. From protocol writing to consenting patients, these cards offer insight into the confluence of factors creating the unique challenges that face each individual protocol, as well as ideas for how to overcome them.

The cards showcased below highlight the five categories essential to clinical study enrollment: Redeployment, Implementation, Planning, Training and Support, and Infrastructure. Use these for investigators meetings, training your study team and site staff, and any time you are preparing for enrollment success!

Redeployment: Just What the Doctor Ordered
Understand not only when, but also how best to redeploy your recruitment efforts, as well as how to devise and implement better contingency plans.

Implementation: The "A" List
Discover new techniques for improving the development and implementation of effective enrollment strategies, recruitment materials, and both site-based and centrally-deployed tactics.

Planning: Around the World in 80 Days
Conduct better enrollment feasibility and study planning, optimize country and site selection, and assess and maximize site recruitment capabilities and performance.

Training and Support: What's Your Take?
Gain insight into how to improve the performance of key individuals involved in any aspect of patient recruitment, as well as how to build the morale and dedication of your study's community members.

Infrastructure: Answering to a Higher Authority
Establish and maintain an ideal information and communications infrastructure that both manages and disseminates patient recruitment-related information and data rapidly and effectively.

Feel free to print and share these cards. If you would like to learn about other activities, puzzles, and ways to drive conversations about patient recruitment, please click here

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