Technology and Innovation in Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Technology and Innovation in Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

By Matt Kibby on Tue, Jan 7, 2014 | 4 min read

Patient RecruitmentI tell my team that anything is possible within programming. Well. Maybe not anything. I mean – a computer can’t win the Olympic 100-meter dash for one! But when it comes to the programming world – there are always multiple ways of molding any innovative idea (new business requirements) into a working model (product).

As a part of the development team, I always feel that the following things drive our pursuit of the “quasi-impossible”:

Keeping up to date with technology

In our day-to-day work, it is a challenge to keep up to date with the rapid changes in technology. What may not seem possible today can be achieved with new developments tomorrow. The important thing is to notice it, and adjust the way we work. It’s important for us to learn what the technology can and can’t do and how to use it properly, so we can give the users the best possible results.


With all patient / site-related information, taking the appropriate security measures to protect privacy remains a top priority. For example – would you walk out your front door leaving it open while leaving for a one week vacation? Would you park your car in the center of the city with the windows rolled down and your laptop on the front seat? Just like in regular life, there are many security measures that we are responsible for when we are working on a website.

A common misconception is that one form of security exists to protect every part of your website. In all actuality, there are many different types and levels of security. Some of the most important types we always try to remember are managing the website over encrypted connections, verifying that the website is legitimate by displaying privacy policies and trust seals, and being proactive about keeping the website current with the always changing world of technology.


Performance is all about delivering information quickly, allowing the people who are engaging with that information to internalize it and use it in the most optimal way for their individual needs. In the world of Web browsing, the less time it takes to load a page, the better. Most Web audiences relish fast performance times as much as they have a distain for poor performance. Speed is king in the land of Web browsers.

It’s about introducing integrity to pages, and elegance and meaningfulness to how we interact with them along with making online experiences not just seamless, but consistently seamless — introducing a predictable cadence from the moment you log on until the moment you log off.

It’s important for us to recognize that it’s not always required to have tons of page views to validate our site’s existence. We need to deliver flawless experiences. Sometimes fewer page views and fewer return visits means we’re doing it right, not wrong.

There are many things that can be done in many different ways. We as a team always try to provide a unique way of doing those things in a most secure way with combining innovation and technology along with user-friendly experience that is most efficient.

Innovation is about taking chances and we take them with measured care – if that makes sense. We take these chances with innovation and technology so that the software we build helps the global clinical trial community reach its patient recruitment and trial goals.

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