PharmaLive Interview with Matt Kibby on Study eBinder 3.0

PharmaLive Interview with Matt Kibby on Study eBinder 3.0

By BBK Worldwide on Fri, Dec 6, 2013 | 5 min read

TCN 3 large resized 600Our colleagues at PharmaLive interviewed Matt Kibby, principal, technology and innovation, about the release of Study eBinder 3.0, the latest generation of our clinical trial management tool for on-the-go study teams. Click here to access the interview, or read below…  

BBK Worldwide has launched Study eBinder 3.0, the latest generation of the company’s clinical trial management tool. The product release builds upon the success of earlier models by offering a dramatically more customized and tailored tablet experience for on-the-go study teams. Associate Web Editor Mia Burns interviewed Matt Kibby, principal, technology and innovation, BBK Worldwide to gain further insight about this new tool.

Q: Why did BBK decide to upgrade this product?

A: The release of Study eBinder 3.0, the latest generation of BBK Worldwide’s novel clinical trial management tool, builds upon the success of earlier models by offering a dramatically more customized and tailored tablet experience for on-the-go study teams managing global clinical trials. Utilizing BBK’s patented TrialCentralNet (TCN®) patient recruitment portal, the release coincides with the availability of Apple® iPad AirTM, as well as a new suite of recruitment and retention apps designed exclusively for the device. The enhanced model offers simplified access to more than 300 real-time reports, a protected instant messaging system, and a new interface to streamline the study experience while ensuring high compliance.

Q: How would you describe the aptitude of this offering?

A: Designed with patient recruitment in mind, Study eBinder 3.0 is fully customizable for both the sponsor’s brand and content. The start-up process is quick, efficient, and designed to help sponsors reach their audience faster with an ultimate goal of enrolling clinical studies sooner than ever before. The device can be configured for multinational, multiprotocol study franchises, ensuring crucial study documents are kept up to date and accessible with “push” notifications.   

Q: In your view, what does this offering provide in terms of global competence?

A: Because Study eBinder 3.0 is synched with BBK’s TCN® patient recruitment portal, all teams involved in the study are able to view real-time reports and updates regardless of their time zone or language. Study eBinder 3.0 creates an immediate study community out of disparate groups located in multiple countries around the world, making it easy to manage documents, data, and personnel across sites, clinical teams, and continents. Key benefits include:

  • For clinical trial sponsors, immediate and mobile access to the TCN® patient recruitment portal, which centers on providing real-time metrics and reporting via an automated data import from the study’s IVR or EDC system. This data is then used to populate a variety of tool, graphs, and tables that provide accurate reporting on site activation, site enrollment performance, patient outreach efficacy and ROI, and other key recruitment metrics. In addition, all applicable data sets can be customized to show relevant metrics by protocol, country, or individual site, allowing sponsors to precisely identify and track areas of success or concern.
  • In order to minimize the costly time delays and resources often associated with material development, Study eBinder 3.0 tracks all study documents to facilitate optimal workflow within the various stakeholders involved in handling study materials through the approval, cultural adaptation, and production/distribution process, allowing for unprecedented version control and customization.

Q: What type of feedback have you received regarding Study eBinder 3.0?

A: When implemented, clinical trial sites are quick to adopt this new technology and begin to rely on their ability to manage studies remotely. As the global leader in patient recruitment, BBK is able to adapt, scale, and uniquely customize the tool by sponsor, protocol, and site. With the rise of the digital doctor, clinical trial sponsors would be remised not to participate as mobile devices, including tablets, are increasingly the closest available screen to essential leaders of their studies.

Q: Will BBK provide participating patients with iPads, or will they have to use their own?

A: Study eBinder 3.0 was designed to engage all members of the clinical trial process, including dedicated participants. The device can be configured into a patient view, which can include condition- and study visit-specific information, tips for participation, engagement tools like videos and games, as well as customized mobile apps for retention, including BBK’s latest patient-facing app, My Clinical Study BuddySM. Additionally, BBK offers various mobile tools, which can be tailored and available for patients to easily download on their own devices, but Study eBinder 3.0 is intended to engage patients during study visits.

Click here to read the full release, announcing Study eBinder 3.0.

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