GlobalReach and Patient Recruitment: An interview with Té Revesz – Part 2

GlobalReach and Patient Recruitment: An interview with Té Revesz – Part 2

By Jackie Shydlowski on Mon, Nov 25, 2013 | 4 min read

Radio Main 1 large resized 600This is part two of a three-part series with Té Revesz, principal, GlobalReach-SBI. Last month, Té Revesz, principal, GlobalReach-SBI, and host of GlobalReach: Winning in World Markets, invited BBK’s own Matt Kibby, principal, technology and innovation, on her radio show.  We had an opportunity to ask Té a few questions of our own. In this blog post, she talks about how her market research is shaping the clinical R&D industry. To see part one of this series, click here. Here’s what she had to say…

You’re clearly an expert on conducting global strategic research. What type of research do you typically conduct for the clinical R&D industry? How is your research shaping business decisions or supporting the success of clinical trials?

Nearly every project we execute for the clinical R&D industry is a complex multi-country project. Most of our engagements breakdown into three basic types: site selection support, testing patient recruitment materials testing, and recruitment /enrollment support and outreach. The most complex are the site selection support projects. These projects can cover anywhere from a handful of countries to as many as 60.

Site Selection Support: We identify and conduct in-depth interviews (IDI) with key opinion leaders (KOL) and potential investigators in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. That means that we (myself and the field researchers we work with around the world) have to develop a real understanding of the condition involved so we can speak intelligently with anywhere from a dozen to well over 100 KOLs. During the course of an engagement of IDIs, we build up a body of knowledge based on the insights these KOLs share with us (and I get to review all of them).

The other piece of these projects is to build profiles of the healthcare infrastructure, clinical trial approval processes, standards of care, and incidence and prevalence, etc., in each of the countries being considered as a potential clinical trial site by the sponsor. We then support the client, usually BBK, in their organization and analysis of the data and insights we have gathered in ways that the sponsor can readily compare them so as to select the best sites for the specific trial.

Patient Recruitment Materials Testing: In these projects, we communicate directly with patients over a variety of therapeutic areas through one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and online surveys. Our research can in the first instance help elicit patient concerns and needs that the designers can use to create recruitment materials. Once the materials have been created, we will help test wording and images so the designers can be sure the materials contain the information needed by patients, as well as motivate patients or their guardians, to explore the possibility of enrolling. For a project like this we might manage focus groups in several different countries then supplement the findings with an online survey.

Recruitment / Enrollment Support: Where a clinical trial may be having trouble identifying and enrolling patients, say in the case of a rare disease, we reach out to doctors in charge of diagnosis and treatment, and to advocacy groups to bring the clinical trial to their attention and put them in touch with the principal investigator at a trial site.

Stay tuned for part three of this series with Té Revesz, principal, GlobalReach-SBI! In the final part, Té will talk more about her interests in the clinical R&D industry and lets us in on some of her top best practices for conducting international market research. Interested in hearing Matt Kibby’s interview in full? You can access it here.

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