Can Dr. Seuss help you to enroll your study?

Can Dr. Seuss help you to enroll your study?

By BBKWorldwide on Mon, Nov 11, 2013 | 4 min read

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Gather round and take some time
To share with me my little rhyme
About the different ways folks select a site
And hopefully, I'll shed some light
On recruitment best practice and the way to go
To prepare for your study and get your ducks in a row.

Some methods are really quite devil may care.
Like pulling sites right out of thin air.
With a “Please fill out our questionnaire.
We're taking all comers; it's a jungle out there."

Next, see here:   it's all on the graph.
Just cut the site estimates in half.
Overcommit and understaff!
And see who will get the very last laugh?

Create a subcommittee and a taskforce.
Review the data – historical, of course
To find the sites we will endorse.
If we don't have the capabilities, we'll simply outsource.

And still:
"Twenty percent of sites," they say,
"Do not send any randomized patients our way."
How can this be? We number crunched,
We did not sleep, we missed our lunch.
We did the stats, we collected forms,
We checked our charts for means and norms.

Do you have the sites that are aligned with your goal
Or ones you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole?
Like fitting a square peg into a round hole
Or fishing at the bottom of the CRO bowl.

There has to be a better way
To find the sites to save the day.
Wait! I've got it:
Call BBK!

You do not need to sell your soul
...or make diamonds from coal
  ...or pay a troll
      ...or explore a black hole
To see to it that your study will enroll.

Just use BIO Notifier! Give it a try!
With thousands of opted-in investigators from low and high.
From all seven continents: Europe, Americas, Asia Pac, and such.
Antarctica? Well, maybe not so much ...

Each investigator waiting to see
What the next study is slated to be.
BBK will match us with protocols; for sites it is free.
They get us the good ones, so I'm a real devotee!
My site's aiming to be your study's next MVP.

From a sponsor perspective, the benefits impress
We will find out if you need more sites or need less.
The exact right amount – with no need to guess
For it's based on BBK strategy and algorithms and backed by success
And the critical site recruitment data that only we possess.

Far beyond just how site've randomized in the past.
Establishing recruitment inclination for your study, we compare and contrast
Against thousands of recruitment-related correlations that BBK has amassed
Across a site universe that is extensive and vast.
What's more, we can do it very fast.

Not every protocol is for every site.
Even if the indication and specialty are right.
Seldom is it all simply black and white.
Will eligibility criteria inspire PI fight or flight?
Will he introduce the study to patients outright?
Accept the study, but then go fly a kite?
Does the idea of panel building fill him with delight?

It's not curing cancer (though sometimes it is).
It's asking the right questions, as we say in the biz.
To match a site's qualifications to the study's design
By determining a rate and rank code to assign
And, avoid casting pearls before swine.

With BBK you get the right sites from the start.
Ones that will most definitely do their part.
Above all, committed to your study's recruitment plan,
Ready for action to do all that they can.

So as I end my poem, let me give it to you straight.
Hear BIO Notifier's siren call and step up to the plate.
(Or do it some other way; go ahead and tempt fate).
It really is time to fish or cut bait.
Work with BBK to find sites that will pull their own weight
To keep up the required randomization rate.
And turn enrollment for your study from run-of-the-mill into great!

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