BBK Insider: Three Blogs You Need to Read

BBK Insider: Three Blogs You Need to Read

By Laura Mulhall on Fri, Nov 1, 2013 | 9 min read

This month we've rounded up the hottest blogs from BBK Worldwide. Ranging from mobile technologies and social media, to global patient recruitment trends – here's the scoop on the latest ideas for clinical trials.


You own a mobile phone, right? I mean, who doesn't these days? They're becoming indispensable – a natural extension of oneself. From checking Facebook to paying bills, users can do almost anything on their mobile phone. It's clear that smartphone use is on the rise... Read more


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As the universe of social media grows and expands in different business models, clinical trials cannot be left behind, especially as we move toward more patient-centric tactics that focus on where patients are looking for information and treatment options... Read more

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The wise sponsor will perceive that any focused strategy can be too easily obscured simply by how many choices there are in recruitment and retention services, products, and solutions. Having a more flashy and complex campaign does not necessarily equate to conducting a highly effective campaign... Read more

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