BBK Worldwide Unveils Turn-Key Concierge Solution For Patient Recruitment Travel Logistics

BBK Worldwide Unveils Turn-Key Concierge Solution For Patient Recruitment Travel Logistics

By Jackie Shydlowski on Wed, Oct 9, 2013 | 3 min read

arrive large resized 600Ready. Set. Go.® Arrive Streamlines Travel for Clinical Trial Study Visits

To alleviate the logistical demands facing clinical research sites, BBK Worldwide announced today an expansion to its Ready. Set. Go. (RSG®) suite of retention products. The latest, RSG® Arrive, builds upon the success of RSG® Ride, a door-to-door transportation service, by offering the next level of personalized, coordinated travel for patients enrolled in clinical trials. A full-service concierge program, RSG® Arrive schedules and manages all travel-related logistics for clinical trial participants. From car and shuttle booking, to international flight and accommodations management, the patient recruitment and retention leader’s newest service ensures patients get to and from study visits as simply and seamlessly as possible.

“The patient is a stakeholder whose contribution to clinical research and the advancement of treatment options cannot be underestimated,” said Aaron Fleishman, social innovation, BBK Worldwide. “Regardless of the inherent complexities of study management, clinical trial sponsors have an obligation to ensure patients can get to and from study visits with ease.”

Fully integrated into BBK’s patented TrialCentralNet (TCN®) patient recruitment portal, RSG® Arrive is effortless for study sites to implement. The program provides both sites and sponsors with an efficient and central point to streamline the patient experience while ensuring high compliance. All travel logistics can be linked to individual participants and study visits, providing clarity and transparency to study teams.

“In addition to supporting sites, we wanted to ensure that patients participating in clinical trials have the best experience possible,” said Joan F. Bachenheimer, founding principal, BBK Worldwide. “RSG® Arrive fosters the ‘home away from home’ experience by taking into account all aspects of travel coordination for patients and their loved ones, providing comfort when and where they need it most.”

Managed by global patient recruitment specialists, RSG® Arrive can build customized itineraries for patients desiring or requiring additional support, as well as offer clinical trial sponsors a turn-key solution to streamline retention efforts at the site level. 

To learn more about RSG® Arrive, click here.

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