49th Annual Meeting of the DIA Recap and Reflections

49th Annual Meeting of the DIA Recap and Reflections

By Laura Mulhall on Wed, Jun 26, 2013 | 3 min read

IMG 2433 resized 600The first days of DIA 2013 have been nothing short of amazing! We’re having a great time meeting industry colleagues, attending sessions, raising funds for The One Fund Boston, launching new products, and handing out our booth giveaways. We’re almost out of our giveaways, so be sure to stop by booth 307 and get one while they’re still around! Also – with the help of the DIA attendees, we’re excited to announce that we’ve been able to raise over $15,000 for The One Fund Boston in just two short days.

Stay tuned to BBK Worldwide by following us on Twitter at @BBKWorldwide with the hashtag #DIA2013. We’ll be sending out conference updates, fun facts about Boston, and much more! In the meantime, hear what our BBK colleagues are saying about their experiences at the 49th Annual Meeting of the DIA…

Rob Laurens, Principal, Strategy and Best Practices

I attended the DIA 2013’s keynote address Monday morning. While these talks often are either too general or too light, Executive Director of FutureMed, Dr. Kraft's, presentation was quite inspiring, championing the idea of mobile medicine as spearheading the inevitable shift from reactive to proactive medicine. Similarly, as BBK continues to sophisticate its mobile offerings, we’re working to champion the growing trend for sponsors to plan proactive, rather than reactive, patient recruitment efforts.

Mike Johnson, Technology and Innovation

After attending a few metric and data driven speaking engagements, including "Big Data: Impact on Innovation," at DIA yesterday, I noticed a lot of focus on data exchange. The issues surrounding this topic do not seem to be technical, but organizational and political. Are the proper securities in place? Are the patients protected? There seems to be a lot of hesitancy surrounding what data can and should be exchanged. An interesting question was posed asking if patients should be asked about the release of their data and how they feel about it. Jackie Cole from Eli Lilly spoke passionately about the lack of knowledge transfer to patients after a trial has been completed, whether the results are positive or negative. The industry seems to be evolving quickly in regards to data exchange and these discussions should help to push the envelope in a positive direction.

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