The TCN Backstory – Part Six: Pony Express – Meet 2013

The TCN Backstory – Part Six: Pony Express – Meet 2013

By Matt Kibby on Fri, May 31, 2013 | 3 min read

Web Main Patient 1 large resized 600For this blog Matt Kibby, our BBK Principal who oversees the TCN team, worked with Rakesh Chittineni to describe a new feature of the system called StudyGram.

Editor’s note: This blog is the sixth in a seven-part series on TrialCentralNetSM (TCN), a single infrastructure for managing everything from enrollment metrics to clinical trial reference documents through all phases of development and approval, as well as customized reports, training, and communications. The goal of this series is to give you the “backstory” – a BBK insider’s view of the system from the perspectives of those who build, manage, and rely on it. In their own words, our executive leadership, developers, and power users all tell it like it is. They’re passionate about the system they so tirelessly build and manage – and you’ll hear that come through.

Remember the days when receiving a message was a big deal?

It meant a knock on the door, a crisply dressed Western Union employee standing outside with a slip of paper in hand – always an important message. Remember that? Neither do I. Telegrams went the way of the Pony Express and Morse code, consigned long ago to the dustbin of technology in our never-ending quest for better, faster communications.

However, this revolution in how we communicate, while giving us an incredible array of options – e-mail, SMS, video, social media, etc. – comes with its own challenges. Primarily the sheer volume of communications we all receive daily, a numbing onslaught of e-mails, voice mails, text messages, just never seems to lessen – challenges to which the clinical research community is not immune.

That’s where our TrialCentralNetSM (TCN) StudyGram cuts through the clutter – a one of a kind notification and alert system for all study stakeholders, a study-level telegram system customized to the role of the study users: sponsors, CRAs, sites, you name it. A simple icon at the top of the page notifies relevant users that a new message is awaiting them. Want to inform sites of an important study milestone that you met?  Send them a StudyGram. Monitors need an update on country EC approvals?  Yep, the StudyGram.

Direct, customizable, relevant. Don’t let your message get lost in the inbox. And always keep track of who has read what.

We’ve retrieved the telegram from that dustbin, and rebuilt it with the 21st century in mind. Because sometimes old ways die hard for a reason – while we can’t offer the delivery person in crisp uniform, we can offer an effective mechanism for communicating your important study information to the people who need it most.

Have thoughts to share on reporting clinical trial staff communications? We’d love to hear them – please be sure to comment below.

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