Part 1: Maximizing Positive Trends in Global Patient Recruitment

Part 1: Maximizing Positive Trends in Global Patient Recruitment

By Rob Laurens on Fri, Apr 26, 2013 | 3 min read

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Today’s trends in global patient recruitment are creating the opportunity for greater momentum than ever before. However, it’s important to strategically use only the campaign tactics that bring the greatest value based on site capabilities and the unique study at hand. In part one of Rob’s two-part blog series, he considers today’s positive trends. Look for part two of this series next week where Rob will discuss how best to maximize these trends.

Positive trends in global patient recruitment are providing more opportunities for momentum than ever before.

Consider that:

  • In the past few years, the clinical R&D industry’s appreciation of the importance of patient recruitment has significantly increased. This is a good thing. New treatments are getting to market faster, and more patients are realizing that clinical trial participation can offer treatment options.

  • Many sponsors are now incorporating patient recruitment considerations as a standard operating procedure when they develop their protocols and plan their studies. This is a major, positive evolution – the earlier you consider patient recruitment as part of study planning, the more effective and cost-efficient your recruitment campaign.

  • Sponsors and CROs more readily recognize that patient recruitment is more than just placing ads; rather, it’s the strategic implementation of specific tactical solutions that, in concert, will effectively and cost-efficiently achieve timely enrollment of the study. For example, if the preponderance of participants for your study will not be found in your sites’ existing patient panels, you’ll have to drive new patients to sites.

All the while, the range of recruitment- and retention-related services, products, and solutions has exponentially increased in recent years, with innovation never stronger. Whether it’s leveraging social media and mobile device applications to engage the “needle in the hayfield” patient or managing patient stipends via debit cards that are triggered by IVR data to relieve site staff burden, it’s a very exciting time to be involved in patient recruitment – whether you’re a sponsor or a patient recruitment professional.

Connect with Rob on LinkedIn: Stay tuned to this BBK Insider next week for part two, where Rob will discuss how best to maximize today’s positive trends in global patient recruitment. Have a question or comment? Please leave a message below for Rob!

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