Garbage In, Gospel Out

Garbage In, Gospel Out

By Matt Kibby on Fri, Dec 21, 2012 | 2 min read

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If there was ever a clinical R&D version of the TV show, Jeopardy!  I think that one of the categories might go something like this:

Site Lists for 200, please, Alex.

A: This site had a screening rate of 0.5 patients per month and a randomization rate of 0.29 patients per month.
Q: Which site isn’t entered in the system?


Site Lists for 400, please, Alex.

A: This site had an activation date of June 15th, and their first patient was screened on June 1st of the same year.

Q: Which site started screening before being activated?


Site Lists for 600, please, Alex.

A: This site list took up to four months to extract in a clean, readable format.

Q: What happens to 90 percent of all site lists?


Site Lists for 800, please, Alex.

That’s the Daily Double!

I’ll wager all 800, please, Alex.

A: This critical data point is not easily retrievable from many different clinical R&D data systems.

Q: What is the site activation date?


Site Lists for 1,000, please, Alex.

A: This easy-to-use clinical R&D system gives you the ability to view, filter, and extract, accurate, up-to-the-minute site lists with activation data along with all IRB/EC and user associations, at any time, from any computer, with only two clicks of your mouse.

Q: What is vaporware?

That is incorrect. TrialCentralNet 6.0 from TCN Technologies does all this as part of the basic feature set. In addition, it allows you to detect inconsistencies in the data and provides an industry-leading set of graphical and numeric reports that offer amazing insight into clinical operations.

Even faced with poor data sets at the start of a trial, TCN Technologies offers services to clean up and maintain the data in a pristine fashion so that even when faced with garbage in, you can rely on gospel out.

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