Touchdown for Prostate Cancer Research

Touchdown for Prostate Cancer Research

By BBK Worldwide on Wed, Nov 28, 2012 | 2 min read

This past week, on behalf of BBK Worldwide, I had the opportunity to attend the American Urological Association Foundation’s (AUA) Kick Off for a Cure at the Goal Post Gala held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, MA. The Goal Post Gala is an evening of fun and friendly bidding designed to raise awareness and funding for prostate cancer research. Many people came out to support the AUA and prostate cancer research, including local Boston physicians and former New England Patriots football players. The keynote speaker was Mike Haynes - Professional Football Hall of Fame Member, former Patriots cornerback, and prostate cancer survivor. Mr. Haynes reflected on his experience with prostate cancer, including his diagnosis and treatment options. There was both a live and silent auction, fantastic food, and some great conversation. At the end of the night, all proceeds raised went to the AUA and the Robert J. Krane, MD Urology Research Scholar Fund (RJK Fund).

For me personally, it was the first time I was able to attend such an event. What I really enjoyed about the evening was everything I learned about prostate cancer. The facts were staggering – more men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer than women diagnosed with breast cancer, but breast cancer trumps prostate cancer in terms of research, funding, and awareness.

Dr. Robert J. Krane, for whom the RJK Fund is named, was a pioneer in the field of urology. As a former Chairman of the Boston University Hospital Department of Urology, Dr. Krane devoted his career to patient care and research in the fields of neurourology, erectile dysfunction, and prostate cancer. His work paved the way for future scientific research and development in the field of prostate cancer and the RJK Fund now furthers this mission by supporting young investigators doing research in these fields.

I think it finally hit me, just how important patient recruitment and BBK’s work is to the clinical trial process. BBK’s advances in patient recruitment over the last 30 years have made a significant impact on the way patients are recruited and how they are treated throughout the life of the trial – patients are a critical and necessary part to every clinical trial. Yet, we know that finding a cure for prostate cancer, or for any condition, is a collaborative effort and without the funding and research supported by organizations like the AUA or the RJK Fund, our work would never be fully appreciated. It makes me proud to know I work for a company that supports such advances in medicine and takes an active interest in scientific research.

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