Relationship Building and Worldwide Reach in Patient Recruitment

Relationship Building and Worldwide Reach in Patient Recruitment

By BBKWorldwide on Mon, Apr 23, 2012 | 4 min read

J Cohen web resized 600When reflecting on my 10 years with BBK, I often think about the many ways in which the clinical trial industry has changed and grown, and the many ways our company has grown as well. About eight years ago, the move to multinational trial implementation as a key recruitment methodology became undeniable, and BBK had a strategic decision to make.

We knew it would not be feasible from our offices in Newton, Mass. to create campaigns with BBK’s established nuance and exacting specifications on a country-by-country basis, and realized that a brick-and-mortar staffing expansion of our own company would limit our valuable flexibility and rapid response to our clients’ changing needs. As always, we took an innovative and creative approach to these challenges, and the result was the BBK Worldwide Alliance – a global network of partner companies committed to providing sophisticated patient recruitment support in their country or region.

Our discovery and vetting process focused on companies throughout the world that:

  • Specialized in healthcare communications or some other common facet of the patient recruitment niche space
  • Shared our passion for work
  • Dedicated to learning the discipline of patient recruitment.

For example in Germany, we developed a relationship with MEDEORA, a technology company founded by two doctors that offered a platform for identifying patients as they move through the healthcare system. In Japan, our partner CROèe manages a registry of patients and provides the advertising savvy necessary to penetrate a historically difficult market.

Eight years later, our Alliance Members’ recruitment expertise are critical – as well as interesting and fun – insight into their healthcare and clinical study landscape lies at the core of each multinational recruitment campaign we implement. These “feet on the street” are not only integral to our daily activities and a true extension of BBK Worldwide, but also have become our cherished colleagues – genuine BBKers. When once we called upon for them for their cultural knowledge, they have now become our regional directors, providing operational and management support, as well as core recruitment and retention services for BBK’s multinational campaigns.

For my colleagues and me, every interaction with an Alliance Member is an opportunity to learn more about the similarities and differences in patient’s attitudes, experiences, and motivations throughout the world. As the clinical trial industry continues to expand to ever more distant regions of the globe, we are proud to have our Worldwide Alliance as partners on the journey, and I look forward to what tomorrow’s learnings and innovations will be.


Jaime Cohen leads BBK’s Strategic Consultation group, assessing the patient recruitment marketplace and client needs to provide pinpointed, cutting-edge solutions with affordable costs and measurable results. She has contributed to the advancement of many BBK innovations, including TrialCentralNetTM (TCN), BBK’s Center of Excellence, and BBK’s metrics analysis functions. With 20 years in the field of clinical research, Jaime offers the unusual combination of highly honed data management skills along with an open personal demeanor that makes working with her a pleasure. Jaime is a dynamic and sought-after industry speaker and trainer, appearing at industry conferences, seminars, and workshops around the world. Link in with Jaime to stay in touch with BBK's strategic alliance inniatives.

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