Adaptive Patient Recruitment, Patient Engagement, and Global Site Selection: BBK Brings Expertise to 6th Annual SCOPE Summit

Adaptive Patient Recruitment, Patient Engagement, and Global Site Selection: BBK Brings Expertise to 6th Annual SCOPE Summit

By BBK Worldwide on Fri, Feb 20, 2015 | 3 min read


BBK Worldwide is excited to participate in Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s annual SCOPE Summit for Clinical Ops Executives. Taking place February 24-26th in Orlando, FL, SCOPE will offer in depth discussions focused on issues related to each aspect of clinical trial planning and management, including: data integration, feasibility, site selection and management, patient engagement, recruitment and retention, mobile tech, project management, forecasting, quality (QbD) in trial conduct, risk-based monitoring, post-marketing studies, and pharmacovigilance.

Jaime Cohen, who leads strategic consultation for BBK will deliver a presentation on Adaptive Recruitment: Maintaining Deadline Integrity within a Changing Landscape. Jaime will focus on how adaptive recruitment helps to maximize tight budgets and timeframes by offering the tools and best-practices needed to inform enrollment decisions – and seamlessly employ real-time corrections. This session will explore how adaptive recruitment fosters a shared understanding of enrollment data and encourages a reverence for operational efficiencies that make the difference in meeting your deadlines – not moving them.

Technology and product innovation authority Aaron Fleishman will present The Handheld Guide to Patient Engagement in an Impatient World. He will look at how social media, coupled with extensive smartphone use, engender expectations for immediacy, creating a new paradigm for the clinical world. To keep a study on time and on budget, it’s now critical to implement adaptive strategies and innovative mHealth technologies to reach and motivate the right patients. Aaron’s session will review the challenges and benefits to managing engagement programs in the digital age, and offer practical advice and insights gleaned from lessons learned based on real client case studies. Aaron will also lead a program session at SCOPE focused on patient engagement, enrollment, and retention through communities and technology.

Maria Cipicchio, who handles campaign operations for BBK will chair a session on Feasibility and Site Selection from the Sponsor, Investigator and Site Perspectives.

BBK will also lead two roundtable discussions at SCOPE on integrating patient networks into your recruitment plan and effective project management across companies, countries, and functional teams.

Additional details, including all session times, can be found on our website.

BBK has presented at SCOPE for the last several years and is excited to once again speak and network with the more than 800 clinical opps executives expected to attend. We will be back in March to provide a recap of the event so check back on the blog! In the meantime you can join in on the conversation with @BBKWorldwide and @SCOPEsummit using hashtags #SCOPE2015 #ClinicalTrials #mHealth #BBKPatientEngagement.

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